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E-Mail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

METNET E-Mail Retirement Questions

When was METNET E-mail discontinued?

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2012, METNET E-MAIL is retired.  Incoming mail is no longer being received. April 18, 2012 was the final day to login to view old messages and contact information.

Can I retrieve my messages that are stored in my METNET account?

No. Old messages can no longer be retrieved.

Why did METNET discontinue E-Mail Services?

METNET (Metropolitan Educational Telecommunications Network) previously contracted with the University of Minnesota to provide student E-mail services for Metropolitan MnSCU schools for the past 15 years. The University of Minnesota retired the E-mail service (GopherMail) and moved to an outside E-mail service. After evaluating alternatives, METNET member schools have all decided to move to outside E-mail services as well. The reduced costs and increased capabilities of the outside E-mail services such as Google and Microsoft now make those services far more effective than to continue to provide the service internally. All METNET member institutions have moved to another E-mail service.

What are my options for replacing my METNET E-mail account?

All previous users of METNET E-mail will need to obtain a new e-mail account. Most schools are providing e-mail accounts to registered students. See information below for links to school E-mail information. 

If I am no longer a registered student what are my E-mail alternatives?

There are many Internet Service Providers that offer services including E-mail for a fee. Comcast, Quest, and Charter are some examples. There are many online options for a free E-mail accounts. Some of the frequently used providers are listed below. These links are provided as a small sample of possible E-mail service providers. METNET does not endorse nor recommend any individual provider, nor provide any technical support for any E-mail service provider.

Gmail  -
Yahoo -
Hotmail/Windows Live -

Where can a student find information about their new school E-mail account?

Select your school. (Opens in new browser window) 

Can I set forwarding from my METNET account to my new e-mail address?

No, forwarding is no longer available. 

Is there a way to export the address book in order to add my contacts to my new e-mail service?

No, METNET GopherMail has been shut down.

I am faculty (or staff). Will I still use my METNET account for my Connect access?

Faculty and Staff MnSCU StarID accounts. For more information, go to the METNET-Connect Get Connect page.


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