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IP VCR Recording

COMET-METNET has a Codian IP VCR, that is capable of recording conferences, point-to-point calls and presentations from standard video conferencing equipment for playback at a later date. The content can be streamed live or played back on demand at multiple speeds to a PC or any video conferencing endpoint.

Recorded video can be streamed live or recorded content to a Web interface - viewed using QuickTime, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player - or to a normal H.323 video endpoint.

To request recording of meetings or classes:

  • Complete the standard ITV Request form and check the "Yes" box labeled "Record for video streaming".
  • Once recording is complete, the host will be sent the following information:
    • IP address of the Codian for logging in
    • Recording name
    • Numeric ID
    • Pin number
  • Recordings will be left on the Codian for one week. At the end of a week recordings will be downloaded, exported to a video server, and deleted from the Codian.
  • The recording URL will be sent to the individual who requested the recording for distribution or posting to their own website.
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