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ITV Scheduling Procedures

Credit Courses

  • Confirm arrangements (dates, times, room availability) for a course or event directly with the site contact for each participating site in advance of network scheduling.

    Credit course scheduling requests should be made only after all arrangements have been agreed to by each participating site. Room availability must be confirmed in advance of network scheduling.

    * For a course to receive priority scheduling status outside of the host region, a regional request form should be submitted by each participating institution to its own regional scheduler.
  • The host regional scheduler will then forward the course request to his/her counterparts. Regional schedulers will confirm (or deny) course requests according to each region?s scheduling deadlines.
  • All scheduling requests for multi-point or inter-regional point-to-point sessions must be submitted by the host site's designated METNET campus contact using the Interactive Video Request Form.
  • The METNET/COMET scheduler will send scheduling confirmation to the requester when all scheduling arrangements have been made. A course will be added to the schedule only after confirmation is received from the appropriate site contact that the institution has agreed to accept the course.

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